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Feature update

More functionality for Discount Codes!

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Shared by Kerry • November 25, 2022

We've just added new functionality to Discount Codes which will:

  • Allow you to set an expiry date on a discount code to automatically switch them to deactivate on their expiration date.
  • Set the number of possible redemptions per client. ie. Only want a client to be able to redeem a code once? No problem.
  • A new screen to show you all clients that have redeemed that code.
  • Specify Services or Series the code is applicable to.

Check out the new functionality in the Discount Codes area of your custom settings!

Product update

Updates to Mailchimp Integration!

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Shared by Kerry • November 23, 2022

We've made some changes to the way our integration with Mailchimp works. For now, tagging has been removed and replaced with Events. Events allow you to do more with Mailchimp based on actions your clients take in BusyPaws, like completing a booking, or purchasing a package.

Events are free for you to configure from the Mailchimp integration settings page.

For more details on this update, please check the Mailchimp integration guide:


Change Log

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Shared by Kerry • November 23, 2022

Minor changes made to BusyPaws over the last 60 days:

  • Updates to the Google Calendar sync to make it more performant
  • Google events updated when client information is updated
  • Captcha added to the Waitlist form to stop bots from submitting waitlists
  • Updates to the QuickBooks integration to notify you of any issues with syncing invoices
  • Added additional data to the Stripe Payouts reports
  • Allow credits to be reserved via the public booking portal if the client possesses a password for the client portal
  • UI updates made across the app to adjust for smaller screen sizes
  • Changes made the how BusyPaws tracks sessions, should improve session recognition on mobile devices
  • Added booking status filter to main calendar
  • Instructor/Providers may now be displayed on group bookings in the online booking process
  • Direct links to purchase packages or memberships available through the client portal
  • Additional prefixes added to emails to improve deliverability. ie. invoices@, receipts@, messages@ and confirmations@
  • Fixed issue with multiple loads of the calendar when using the browser back button

Feature update

Updates to Packages!

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Shared by Kerry • November 01, 2022

We've made some updates to packages to enable more flexibility for you and your clients. Among the changes:

  • Packages can now be directly purchased before the booking process
  • You can make packages sellable as a per-pet package.
  • New purchasing options to require credits to be used (ie. require a package to purchase a service)

Read all the updates to packages here.


User Interface Update!

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Shared by Kerry • October 19, 2022

Hi there,

We have made a change to the user interface that changes where you may now look for critical functions. The three changes are:

  1. The button in the bottom-right to create a new booking, customer, or payment has been moved to the top-right.
  2. The "Account Settings" menu that used to be in the bottom-left as well as the profile and sign out menu which used to be in the top-right are now in the bottom-left (your profile picture will bring you there).
  3. The support button and chats that used to originate in the bottom-left have now moved to the bottom-right. This interface will now also show you news and updates to BusyPaws.

Updates and changes made in Q3

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Shared by Kerry • October 18, 2022

We're constantly deploying new functionality and updates to BusyPaws, most of which not done in large releases but rather small incremental updates aimed at bug fixing, usability improvements, or small functional changes. During Q3 2022 these changes included:

  • Fixes and updates to data exports to include more information and account for incomplete data
  • Adjustments to currency display to fix locations when dollars may be shown instead of pounds sterling.
  • A new onboarding checklist to better guide new clients through using BusyPaws
  • Fix for payout reports with incomplete payout data
  • Fix for removed users still appearing on Schedules and Availabilities
  • Fix for QuickBooks Online integration for invoices with incongruent data
  • Added ability to add client notes to Invoices
  • Fill dates now shown on all forms
  • Improved validation UI on intake forms in booking process
  • Updated functionality for Series where it will now automatically calculate the first in the Series for display on the self-booking portal
  • Fix for updating recurring bookings
  • Updates to booking information shown in Message Templates
  • Added cancellation notifications for Boarding bookings
  • Added current waitlists to group booking pages to more easily see anyone currently waiting to get into class
  • Client phone numbers now added to Google Calendar sync
  • Fix for accepting partial payments on pay now invoice links
  • Fix for mail servers getting de-sync'd on trial accounts
  • De-synchronized BusyPaws invoice numbers and QuickBooks invoice numbers
  • Added notifications for daily unread messages
  • Fix for open enrollment classes reserving credits
  • Fix for Daylight Savings calc in online bookings and availabilities
  • Fixes for merging pets and moving bookings to merged pet
  • Fix for removing comments on Lessons
  • Adjustments to Google Calendar sync to avoid creating duplicates when the connection is removed and re-initiated
  • Improvements to incoming mail parsing to remove unnecessary information
  • Reset booking reminders when a booking is moved into the future
  • Updates to queries to improve load times and server capacity in high-load situations

Feature update

New reporting functionality is here!

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Shared by Kerry • October 14, 2022

Hey there,

The reporting functionality was among some of the oldest in BusyPaws, and it showed. We've updated them to bring them into the 21st century!

  • Get live reporting on invoicing, payments, booking fill rates, and even booking conversion rates!
  • See which services, packages, memberships and which top customers are driving your revenue!